Spencer Glacier Float & Grandview


Summer 2020 Dates: July 1 – September 7th, 2020.

Our morning river trip to Spencer glacier provides you a perfect amount of time  to explore the Spencer area to the fullest, the chance to experience 2 Alaska Railroad trains:  the Coastal Classic in the morning and the Glacier Discovery Train in the afternoon, and is our recommended river trip for a full day adventure from Girdwood or Anchorage.  Depart Anchorage at 6:45 AM or Girdwood at 8 AM.  Spend an extra 1.5 hours at Spencer Glacier compared to the Spencer Iceberg & Placer River Float , which will enable you to get up closer to the glacier.  This trip is often private per booking party of 4 or more guests.  After your 7-mile river trip, board the Glacier Train to Grandview, & relax thru the most scenic section of the AK Railroad.

Price includes round-trip rail tickets from Anchorage or Girdwood.  4 Guests required to book, please call or email if you are a party less than 4 to see if we have a trip booked.

Spencer Lake is pink fireweed, blue ice, sunny morning sucker holes, and snow capped mountains. An enormous Neverland, perfectly tucked away from real life. Come pick your favorite berg in the ever changing iceberg maze and put your guide to work.  Tanner Ramey – Local Guide, Born & Raised in Anchorage, AK.


Our Spencer Glacier Float is the perfect float for all ages & abilities. The AK Railroad will stop the Coastal Classic in the morning at Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop to get more guests to Spencer to enjoy the magical mornings.  The morning trip has an extra 1.5 hours exploring Spencer Glacier and the Placer River and includes a catered lunch.

TRIP MINIMUM # of Guests:

This trip has a minimum # of 4 guests to book this trip.  Please email or call to see if there is space available for a morning trip for smaller groups.

RIDE Both Glacier Discovery & Coastal Classic AK Railroad Trains:

This tour utilizes 2 AK Railroad trains:  the Glacier Discovery & Coastal Classic.  The tour starts on the morning Coastal Classic with a return on the later afternoon Glacier Discovery Train.

On the final checkout page, please let us know which date you would like to join us and if you will be boarding the train in ANCHORAGE OR GIRDWOOD.

Tour Itinerary: Coastal Classic with Glacier Discovery Return

6:45 AM – Coastal Classic departs Anchorage (Breakfast & Coffee is available on the train, but please let the onboard supervisor know that you will be getting off at Spencer Glacier and need to eat early.)

8:05 AM – Coastal Classic departs Girdwood (Guests Originating from Girdwood can meet us at our office in Girdwood, or if needed can get picked up at their accommodations in Girdwood).

9 AM – Arrival to the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop

9:30 AM – 1:30 PM – Spencer Iceberg RAFTING Tour – Spencer Glacier Lake Iceberg Exploration & 7 Mile River Float Down the Placer River.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch (Catered Sack Lunch, & Hot Drinks included on the trip).

2 – 5 PM – Scenic Train Ride to Grandview thru the Upper Placer River Gorge Canyon

5:15 PM – Arrive in Portage and board motor coach back to Anchorage or take a Chugach Adventures’ Van Shuttle Back to Girdwood.

5:45 PM – Arrival Back to Girdwood.

6:45 PM – Arrival into Anchorage


  • Max guest to guide ratio of 8:1.
  • We are restricted by the AK Railroad as to how many guests we can bring out to Spencer Glacier on the morning train, so total group sizes are normally under 10 guests for this rafting trip, compared to our hallmark river trip, the Spencer Iceberg & Placer River Float trip, with 40+ guests joining us everyday.
  • A catered sack lunch is provided (sandwich, fruit, dessert & bottled water).  Veggie or other dietary requests are welcome, please notify us ahead of time.
  • We provide rubber boots & Personal Flotation Device (life vest) for all raft tours.
  • Bring warm clothes & layers, warm socks to wear.
  • Most guests bring their cameras, we can’t guarantee that they won’t get wet, but you should get amazing photos.
  • We require all guests to sign a release of liability on the rafting/canoe/kayak/hiking tours.
  • Spencer Lake Distances:  The paddle across the lake is approximately 1.5 miles one way.  It takes anywhere between 20 Minutes (With Calm Perfect weather) to 1 hour to row across the lake.
  • Young Children–Minimum age for  Kayak is 6 years old.  All children will participate in tandem kayaks with a parent or most experienced paddler in your group.  Minimum age for Rafting is 2 years old.
  • There are restrooms on the train and at the Spencer Whistle Stop.  There are no restrooms once we are on the river, backcountry options only

Weather and Trip Adjustments
Water levels, wind, and other natural factors beyond our control may cause us to alter your trip.  We have other options with hiking, rafting, and a shortened kayak tour to provide a safe and enjoyable tour alternative under inclement weather.  It is up to the guide’s discretion and safety experience to determine what is the most appropriate decision for the day based on any inclement weather.

Cancellation Policy for Day Tour Bookings:

Cancellations made 10 days or more in advance are 95% refundable (there is a 5% non-commissionable cancellation fee that covers credit card processing fees and other charges). Any cancellations made between 3 to 9 days in advance will receive a 50% refund.  For cancellations within 48 hours, no refund will be given. 

AK RAILROAD Cancellation Policy & Change Fee Information:  All paid bookings are subject to a 10% change fee for the Railroad portion of the trip cost, if a date change is requested within 30 days.

Gratuity / Tip
Our guides are expected to go above and beyond for this trip and greatly appreciate any & all gratuities.