Environmental Commitment

Spencer Glacier Calving July 2017

I feel so honored to be able to provide my guests an educational and purposeful trip whether we float down a river or make our way down the Spencer bench trail from Comet glacier.  As a guide for 5 seasons in the Chugach, it is important for me to be able to emphasize the importance of protecting and preserving our wilderness areas like the Chugach National Forest for all future generations to come.

Erin Henszey

Lead Guide for Chugach Adventures

Most of our guides are Alaskan born & raised, because we believe locals have more to share and more genuine Alaska experiences to convey.  We are one of the few adventure tour companies in the state that has a local hire policy & we are extremely proud & honored to have so many awesome local Alaskan guides.   

At Chugach Adventures, our guides have witnessed firsthand the glacialogical changes that have take place at countless glaciers.  Each and every day we are confronted with the changes in our environment.

We watch as icebergs break off of Spencer Glacier Alaska, and wonder how far back our glaciers will recede each year.  We miss the deep snow that once blanketed our mountains in the winter time, because our oceans are warmer and their cycles are new.  We listen to the weather forecasts & wonder how high the river will rise and if our take-out will be flooded or gone on a rainy year, or wonder when the next rain will come after a month of rare 80+ degree Alaskan summer weather.  

We strive to share the cultural & natural history of the Chugach and are passionate about conveying our local knowledge of Alaska & its glaciers.  The first-hand & up-close iceberg & glacier trips that we share with our guests, provide a tangible and intimate experience that conveys to all a strong environmental connection & message:  These glacier landscapes that we cherish are not forever. They are constantly changing and are all to fragile for us to not wonder & take note of the human factor in our shared planet.

Our Contribution

Our trips are centered around treading lightly in the natural places that we visit and leaving the area unaltered by our presence.  We intend to educate guests on the natural surroundings and cultural history of the Chugach National Forest.  In 2016, we became certified with Adventure Green Alaska, the state’s official sustainable tourism certification organization and we continually strive to promote sustainability on all levels of our business.  

Any trip with Chugach Adventures promotes the practices of sustainable tourism within our local economy.  We have partnered with many local businesses and aim to utilize local businesses whenever possible. Furthermore, we encourage our guests to support local businesses & local accommodations.  We are always looking for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, moving away from any single use products, specifically with our glacier salmon bakes.

Spencer Glacier Alaska in the background

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