Grandview Glacier Hike & Overnight Camping Trip

$799.00 per person

Explore the Newest Wilderness Location in the Chugach National Forest from Historic Grandview Whistle Stop.  Peer thru the gauntlet of Hanging Glaciers that makes up the majestic Bartlett Glacier Valley and Strap on crampons and peer into the blue ice caverns of Bartlett Glacier.  Backpack to your wilderness Overnight Camping location and spend 2 days immersed in the wild glaciated Chugach.  This is our most strenuous overnight camping trip, as guests are required to carry some of their gear for camping and personal gear.  Please let us know your comfortable pack weight limit and we will do our best to accommodate you with our best pack mule, better known as your guide.  This trip operates mid July thru Mid September (due to snow at elevation).

FINAL PERMITTING for this trip is in process with the US Forest Service – Chugach National Forest Glacier Ranger District.

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