Glacier Salmon Bake


Guaranteed wildlife at the AK Conservation Center, an up close Glacier tour at the majestic iceberg laden Spencer Lake, a beautiful scenic train ride on both the Glacier Discovery & Coastal Classic AK Railroad Trains, and your most memorable meal in Alaska– A Delicious Salmon Bake underneath the midnight sun.  Join us for The Full Day Royal Experience on our Spencer Glacier Salmon Bake. Return on the Coastal Classic at 9 PM to Girdwood or 10:30 into Anchorage.

Summer 2020 Dates: Please Call for Availability.

Guests experience the full breadth of what the Alaska Railroad and Spencer Valley has to offer. Our time spent on the lake navigating icebergs is uniquely serene and private. Plus, there’s no better way to end a full day than with Alaskan Salmon fresh off the grill!  – Gwen Quigley – Born & Raised in Girdwood, AK.  Chugach Adventures’ Guide since 2014.


Spencer Glacier Salmon Bake with Bears, Trains, and Icebergs

  • Ride the Glacier Discovery Train & Coastal Classic AK Railroad
  • Float by Icebergs on Spencer Lake
  • Guaranteed Wildlife at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
  • Wild AK Salmon Bake Dinner at Spencer Glacier

Lunch Provided:  Catered Sack Lunch includes Sandwich/wrap, piece of fruit, chips & dessert.  If you are vegetarian or have any special dietary requests, please let us know ahead of time.


Enjoy an authentic Alaskan meal under the midnight sun at Spencer Lake. Alaska Salmon caught from local Alaskan fisherman will be grilled by your chef. Side dishes include: pasta salad with pesto & roasted peppers; Caesar salad, garlic bread, triple chocolate brownie, and hot drinks. Vegetarian and children menu options also available. You won’t have a finer dinner experience in Alaska.

Vegetarian, gluten free, and children options available.  Please let us know ahead of time if you have any dietary requests or needs.

Your Wild Alaskan SALMON part of a Community Supported Fishery:

Caught by Emma & Kurtis Kramer from Straight to the Plate.  “Our fishing methods have very little impact on the ocean habitat and we have nearly no negative by-catch. Our gill-net is 300 feet long and 12 feet deep. We set out along shore, out in the deep, drifting towards the mouths of rivers or wherever the captain sense the salmon are. As we haul the net into the boat, each salmon we hand pick from the net is gill bled and chilled within minutes of leaving the ocean. Deep in the boats hull, our catch is held in bags of slush ice, minimizing bruising and maximizing quality.

A Community Supported Fishery is a business model where we pre-sell shares of our catch to local customers (like Chugach Adventures). We then fill these orders during our fishing season, bypassing the dominating global supply chains and keeping our process small and sustainable. By directly marketing our catch, we can ensure our customers get high quality salmon and full transparency in their purchase. In turn, we as local fishermen, cultivate a more sustainable business, get to keep more from the sale of our own fish, and contribute to the growing awareness of our food supply chain, keeping our health in our own hands.

Our fishery begins at the Copper River delta and extends nearly 100 nautical miles west to the Prince William Sound. In order to make the lengthy swim up the Copper River, or one of the many other glacial streams that feed into Prince William Sound, the salmon feed and bulk up in the cold nutrient rich waters of the Sound. The fish develop a healthy layer of fat and increased Omega 3 oils. It is this attribute, along with the lean protein and amino acid content that makes our wild caught salmon such a nutritious superfood.”

Beverages /Alcohol:  We do not provide alcohol on this trip, but if you’d like to bring an alcohol beverage of your choice, we will bring it to the beach for your meal.  Water and hot beverages are provided.

Other Info:

  • Glacier Discovery Train Departs Anchorage at 9:45 AM, Girdwood at 11AM, Whittier at 12:30 PM, & Portage at 1:25 PM.  Coastal Classic Returns to Girdwood at 9 PM, Anchorage at 10:30 PM.
  • We provide rubber boots, rain poncho (If it is a rainy day), & Personal Flotation Device (life vest) for your Raft / Canoe tour.
  • We have a 4 person minimum for this tour.
  • Most guests bring their cameras, we can’t guarantee that they won’t get wet, but you should get amazing photos.
  • We require all guests to sign a release of liability on the rafting/canoe tours.
  • Spencer Lake Tour Canoe capacity & Raft Vs. Canoe– 4 people min/10 people max per canoe.  We don’t recommend a minimum of 4 guests in the canoe unless you are strong paddlers, and there is no wind on the lake.  The guide provides the steering in the back for the canoe, but is unable to provide as much muscle power to get across the lake.  Whereas, in a raft a guide will provide the majority of the power to get across the lake.  Guests can paddle assist in a raft, which is helpful and encouraged.  As one of our guides likes to say during his canoe safety speech, “this is not a Disneyland ride with a magical cable that is going to pull you across the lake to the glacier, it is up to your determination & muscle power.”
  • Spencer Lake Distances:  The paddle across the lake is approximately 1.5 miles one way.  It takes anywhere between 20 Minutes (With Calm Perfect weather) to 1 hour to paddle across the lake in a Canoe.  35 Minutes to not possible to get to the glacier face if its too windy for a Raft.
  • There are restrooms on the train, at the Spencer Whistle Stop, and a Forest Service Restroom on the Western Edge of the lake.  There are not restrooms once we are on the lake, backcountry options only.

Weather and Trip Adjustments
Water levels, wind, and other natural factors beyond our control may cause us to alter your trip.

Cancellation Policy for Day Tour Bookings:

Cancellations made 10 days or more in advance are 95% refundable (there is a 5% non-commissionable cancellation fee that covers credit card processing fees and other charges). Any cancellations made between 3 to 9 days in advance will receive a 50% refund. For cancellations within 48 hours, no refund will be given.  

AK RAILROAD Cancellation Policy & Change Fee Information:  All paid bookings are subject to a 10% change fee for the Railroad portion of the trip cost, if a date change is requested within 30 days.

Gratuity / Tip
Our guides are expected to go above and beyond for this trip and greatly appreciate any & all gratuities.