Spencer Glacier Lake Tour


Travel approximately 1.5 miles through the iceberg laden Spencer Lake to the Spencer Glacier Terminus Face in kayak, canoe, or raft.  Watercraft choice dependent on weather of the day & group ability.  Get up close and peer into the jagged & crevassed face.  Get an interpretive understanding of the yearly and daily changes taking place at a receding Glacier from the first outfitter guide service that got the AK Railroad to stop at Spencer Glacier back in 2001.  We require a minimum of 4 guests to book a Spencer Glacier Lake Tour, as this tour is often private per booking party.

Spencer Tours operate late May – mid September.  You can request your Tour Date on the final checkout page.  Prices below include train tickets.



Anchorage Passengers: Upgrade your tour by adding a guided stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (AWCC) for an additional $70 per passenger. Wildlife guaranteed and lunch included.

Girdwood Passengers: You can board in Girdwood for a longer train trip, or be picked up in Girdwood by Chugach Adventures' van shuttle and get a tour of the the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center for an additional $30 per passenger. Wildlife guaranteed and lunch included.



  • We provide rubber boots, rain poncho (If it is a rainy day), & Personal Flotation Device (life vest).
  • Bring warm clothes & layers, warm socks to wear with our rubber boots.
  • Most guests bring their cameras, we can’t guarantee that they won’t get wet, but you should get amazing photos.
  • Personal baggage can be left on the train while you go rafting or canoeing. (The AK Railroad & Chugach Adventures can not guarantee the safety of your bags, but in ten years of operation we have not had any lost or stolen baggage) Space is available for small bags that can either sit on your lap, or get wet, waterproof bags are recommended.
  • We require all guests to sign a release of liability on the rafting/canoe/kayak tours.
  • For Guests that wish to get up close to the icebergs & to “Touch An Iceberg” we recommend taking a Raft.  Canoes & Kayaks we give all icebergs a wide berth, since they are hard boats easier flipped if you hit an underwater invisible iceberg.  Rafts are the safest means to bump into icebergs and get up close.
  • Spencer Lake Tour Canoe capacity & Raft Vs. Canoe– 4 people min/10 people max per canoe.  We don’t recommend a minimum of 4 guests in the canoe unless you are strong experienced paddlers, and there is no wind on the lake.  The guide provides the steering in the back for the canoe, and is therefore unable to provide as much muscle power to get across the lake.  Whereas, in a raft a guide will provide the majority of the power to get across the lake.  Guests can paddle assist in a raft, which is helpful and encouraged.  As one of our guides likes to say during his canoe safety speech, “this is not a Disneyland ride with a magical cable that is going to pull you across the lake to the glacier, it is up to your determination & muscle power.”
  • Spencer Kayaks – Perfect for parties of 4-6.  Minimum Party size of 4 Guests, Maximum Party Size of 8 Guests.  For parties of less than 4, we recommend our Glacier Blue Kayak tour, which has only a minimum of 2 guests.
  • Spencer Lake Distances:  The paddle across the lake is approximately 1.25 miles one way.  It takes anywhere between 20 Minutes (With Calm Perfect weather) to 1 hour to paddle across the lake.
  • Young Children–Minimum age for  Canoe is 6 years old.  We can take ALL Ages (Infants included) in Rafts.
  • There are restrooms on the train and at the Spencer Whistle Stop.  There are no restrooms once we are on the river, backcountry options only

Minimum & Maximum Party Sizes

Kayak:  Minimum – 3 Guests per Booking Party.  Maximum – 8 guests.

Canoe:  Minimum – 6 Guests Per Booking Party.  Maximum – 24 Guests.

Rafts:  Minimum – 4 Guests Per Lake Tour Raft.  No Minimum for Rafting on our Spencer Iceberg Float.  Maximum – 100 Guests.

Weather and Trip Adjustments
Water levels, wind, and other natural factors beyond our control may cause us to alter your trip. For example on windy days, if you have booked a Spencer Glacier Lake Tour in a kayak, canoe or raft, we reserve the right to have you join the Spencer Iceberg & Placer River Float rafting trip instead for your enjoyment & safety.  The river trip tends to be a more enjoyable day tour on windy days.  The wind tends to die when you get off the Lake and drop into the river valley, and guests have a more comfortable day on the water, when we make this weather adjustment.  We do not operate canoes & kayaks on whitecap days on the lake for your safety and enjoyment.

Chugach Adventures / AK Railroad Cancellation Policy
Any cancellation made up to 7 days in advance will receive a 50% refund.  For cancellations within 48 hours, NO refund will be given.  Cancellations made 8 days or more in advance will receive a full refund minus a 5% transaction fee.