Custom Overnight Glacier Camping Information Page

Custom Overnight Glacier Camping Trips at 4 Locations in the Chugach National Forest. We recommend specific camping locations dependent on the time of year & a variety of factors: access to these locations, snow depth at elevation, water levels in the river, weather, and ultimately what our guests want to do and where we recommend they go do it. We aim to design a 2 day specific Overnight Camping Trip for your party that tailors to your ambitions: iceberg kayaking, glacier walking, or magic alpine hikes. Please take a look at the specific options in our menu or send us an inquiry thru our contact us page at the bottom of this web-page with any questions. Most of our guests tell us that there Overnight Camping Trip with us is one of their best adventures in Alaska. Meals & all camping & adventure gear provided.

20 Mile Glacier –  (June – September) Accessed via Alpine Air R44 Helicopter.  This is our most remote Camping Trip.  Experience 20 Mile Glacier Up Close and than Raft an entire watershed the next day.

Twenty Mile River









Prince William Sound (PWS) to Blackstone Bay or Culross Passage – (May, June, September, or October) Accessed via Water Taxi from the town of Whittier.  Kayak & Hike in Beautiful PWS.  Basecamp on a pristine Prince William Sound beach and explore the ocean wilderness in the Chugach National Forests Wilderness Study Area.

Grandview & Bartlett Glacier – (August & September).  Accessed via the AK Railroad’s Glacier Discovery Train.  Step onto the historical Bartlett Glacier and stand amidst towering Hanging Glaciers of a surreal Glacier Valley.  This trip is our only backpacking camping trip, our hike to camp is approximately 1.5 miles away.  Two unforgettable days at the newest AK Railroad Whistle Stop, the Bartlett Glacier Overlook trail newly completed in September 2018.  Be one of the first to explore this new area in 2019.  This will be an unforgettable 2 days spent in the glaciated Chugach.

Spencer Glacier–  (June – September) Accessed via the AK Railroad.  This is our main remote basecamp location at Spencer Lake.  Kayak around icebergs & camp with the backdrop of Spencer Glacier and a warm fire.



Most Adventurous & Strenuous – Grandview & Bartlett Glacier.  5+ Miles Round Trip Hike.

Most Remote and Most wow Factor with an R44 Helicopter Start – 20 Mile Glacier.

Most Family Friendly – Spencer Glacier, Alaskan Locals favorite camping destination.

Most Amazing 2 Days – Add a Comet Heli Hiking Trip onto a Spencer Glacier Camping Trip.


Let us know what you want to do and what you want to see & we are happy to create a custom camping itinerary & adventure plan for your parties Alaska Vacation!  Let us show you our Alaskan Secrets that only a guide service with an Alaskan Local Hire Policy can share.

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